Corporate Philosophy

We put our experts against your marketing challenges. When you hire us, you are hiring a group that understands your business as well as our business. We are virtually the only marketing firm whose employees are regularly asked to present technical as well as marketing papers to professional and user groups in the U.S. and Europe.

Judgment is the criteria for success, and the ability to stay in constant state of perceptiveness and apply changing information to the objectives of a project is the identifying mark of a Clay management team.

Client Philosophy

Clay's client philosophy is to help create and then implement a strategy as an integral part of an organized business plan.

One element of the public relations strategy, for example, provides an environment where the "cost-per-column-inch" of publicity is kept to a minimum by situating the client in the path of news stories, or creating a news story path so that it intersects with client communication objectives. This saves executive time and money while dramatically increasing publicity.

A second element provides a structure for efficient, economical, proactive publicity from a hand-picked, continuously briefed management communications team. This keeps the client's public relations management workload to a minimum and gives the media a diverse set of spokespeople.

A third element is to create a series of adaptable messages which allow a communication team, in many geographies, to incorporate active media communication into their revenue-based business models. Doing this keeps the public relations discipline profit-oriented and on-message.

Tactical successes are the proof of a considered strategy, mapped to advertising, sales and the corporate culture, and measurable through perception studies, revenue-increase tracking and existing-customer response research.

Many companies, both large and small, in North America and Europe agree with Clay's business approach to communications that examines the effect a corporation's communications has on prospective and existing customers and then tunes the strategy and activities so that communications benefits increase exponentially.

Our sensitivity to company and social cultures is reflected in our hiring policy and evident in our communications programs. We help clients reach non-indigenous markets with local familiarity. It's not always easy -- for us or the client -- but it is achievable.


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