Public Relations

The key to a successful public relations campaign is understanding your business as well as professional implementation. When this is present, product publicity, employee communications, marketing, image building, and other activities can be successful. Creating a publicity or public relations message that is equally powerful in either Western Europe or the United States allows clients to reduce the total program costs. Clay Marketing has been doing this for clients for more than 25 years.


Clay Marketing's international print business-to-business advertising conveys a client's message across cultural and geographical boundaries. We have creative technicians in house, and use independent designers throughout Europe and North America for creative concepts based on mutually conceived ideas.

This process provides several benefits to our clients:
  • Clients don't get a stale agency.
  • Clients don't pay for design overhead.
  • Clients can participate in choosing a designer.
  • We can choose the culture-of-origin for the design of an ad campaign.

Marketing Consulting

You will be able to take advantage of our cultural and geographic awareness when we work together as a team to create or refine your marketing strategy. We understand sales, finance, manufacturing, research and development in both North American and European contexts and we bring this knowledge to your challenges.

Promotional Merchandise

Literally, we wrote the book on the smart way to buy promotional merchandise and implement a coordinated program.

Direct Mail

A powerful medium when used correctly and in a culturally sensitive manner. Clay understands how you need to mix direct mail with other communications vehicles by creating a family look and feel with advertising and the unique strengths of this medium.



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